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Sunday, February 12, 2012


At least the clothes were memorable, and Liza Minella's stories of her friendship with Halston, the remarkable, original, outstanding designer of the '70's were fairly interesting.  The interviewer, however was not very good at interviewing anyone. (Well, at least he tried.)   Some of the film footage from years gone by went by too fast, and some couldn't have gone by fast enough to suit me, considering the X rated content.   The critics were right on this documentary, it was just not good. Oh, the title comes from his 'discovery' and use of "Ultrasuede" (the name of the fabric) that made Halston immediately famous.   Its wash-and-hang-dry-wrinkleless quality made it  a sensation.  Halston definitely knew how to drape and cut fabric.  Halston was the first American Designer to make a name for himself - and America - on the clothes designing scene, As a bonus extra:  if you (want to?) remember "Studio 54" -- it gives some attention to it along the way.

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