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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Stellar Cast --made up of Greg Kinnear (One of my favorites),perfect in his role,  Alan Arkin (fantastic!), and Billy Crudup (an absolute riot as the criminal locksmith). The actors were superb in this "long con" of a film.  It is full of suspense and deceit, mixed with unexpected (albeit 'dark' )humor -- but you just have to laugh!   Kinnear plays an Insurance salesman (of the worst kind), taking advantage of  everyone he can.  There's a dog.  There's a violin (actually several, and many, some very valuable) that gets stolen a few times -- I lost count.  You have to pay really close attention to follow all the plot ploys and curves - but it's worth it. (some critics complain it's "slow" moving  -- but I savored (almost) every scene.  (I wasn't enamoured of the interaction between Kinnear and his  ex-wife.)  Oh, and even Kinnear's secretary (promoted to CFO of his tiny office - without a commensurate pay raise) was wonderful!

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