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Sunday, February 5, 2012


"The King's Speech" this ain't!  I didn't believe the critics, because usually they are too harsh, but in this case, they are definitely accurate. This film is really bad.  Badly directed by Madonna, with a confusing, poorly written script that tries (via many, many confusing flashbacks) to interweave a 1998 auction of the effects of  the famous duo, Wallace Simpson and her King of England (for a few days, anyway), who abdicated his throne "to be with the woman I love." (I was not yet in my teens when I  heard  him make that famous radio speech.)  Oh, and there is the present day heroine (?)  named "Wally" who is obsessed with the  romance that upset a nation; so obsessed that she has imaginary conversations with Wallace Simpson.  (A role dutifully and actually beautifully played by Andrea Riseborough -- what a shame to waste such talent in such a mediocre {to put it mildly} film.) Also a fine performance by the young man who played the guard at the exhibition that preceded the auction.   Don't waste your time or your money on this film.

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