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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Remember the movie a few years ago called,  "My Dinner With Andre"?   (Conversation between two friends.)  Well this picks up on the life of the taller, thinner man (not the one who lisps)  quite a few years later  -- and it's  wonderful!   Gregory is quite charming and articulate.   It's filled with clips of photos of his childhood and youth and his career as an actor and a director (though I must admit I'd never heard of him other than the previous "Dinner" movie.)     I believe it was "written" and filmed by his daughter.   I  highly recommend it.

I have to admit that the "Reluctant Fundamentalist" was an excellent film, but it was much too accurate in portraying India and Afghanistan which made the whole thing, despite the excellent acting and probably realistic plot a very unpleasant experience for me.   I guess my memories of India are not positive ones.  

Now I want to read the novel on which this movie was based, because I imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing is great..  However,  the film was painful to sit through!   Over the top production (Bas Luhrnan directing) with wild, frantic, blaring, soundtrack! (I wouldn't call it "music")     Exhausting!    Leonardo DiCaprio was marvelous as Gatsby.  He has really become a fine actor   (and it doesn't hurt that he's so handsome!)    Tobey Mcguire, however, as Nick seemed too bland.   (intentionally?)  

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