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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Directed by Francois Ozon, this French film is involved, unique, and somewhat uncomfortable to watch, but worth seeing.  Uncomfortable because the main protagonist, a sixteen year old is a clever but twisted ( I want to say "evil" -  but I don't know if that's exactly correct) boy who writes a series of excellent "chapters" telling of the  experiences he has after insinuating himself  into the house of one of his classmates.   His English teacher 
("M. Germain") is superbly played by Fabrica Luchini, who is fascinated by the essays his pupil writes, a blend of fact and the boy's  imagination.  Kristin Scott Thomas, in one of her finest performances plays the wife of the English Teacher.  The boy is enamored of the beautiful mother of one of his schoolmates, and seduces her after going to live with that family.  But, that''s not all.  He eventually seduces the wife of the English teacher.  He manages to  ruin a lot of people's lives. This is a very French film.   (I am not familiar enough with French actors' name to credit each of them, but they are all excellent.)  Not a happy movie.

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