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Friday, December 30, 2011


Jamie Bell is "Tintin,"  intrepid young (teenage?) reporter  (excuse me, he calls himself a "journalist"),  accompanied by his intrepid dog "Snowy," solves crimes and writes about such escapades.  Steven Spielberg is the intrepid Director (and one of the Producers) of this intrepid adventure.   (Me motto is, find a word I like, and use it, me hardy, aargh.)  That was a Clue:  the story has to do with Pirate Ships and the not one, not two, but THREE !  model duplicates of "The Unicorn." Hidden in one (or all?) of the models is a secred coded message, of course.  I liked this film, but as you know, I don't like lots of noise, and it was, really, really over the top in decibels, including cannons on the high seas.   Last of the "Haddocks"  (not the fish, the seafarng men of that name) Andy Serkis is "Captain Haddock."   This movie was made using the special technology of starting with live actors, and then superimposing computerized animation over them.  Actually, I like the result.   I also liked the dog.

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