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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Ah,  Young Love!   Actually, because of the marvelous performances by Felicity Jones as "Anna" and Anton Yelchin as "Jacob," under the expert inventive Direction  of Drake Doremus, I found myself caring about the characters and wanting to know how they would overcome the obstacles (her expired student visa, she's from England, he's an American) to their romance.  Wonderful photography.  The love scenes were sweetly beautifully artistic without having to be graphic.   Only near the end of the film, after some plot changes, I have to admit I was getting weary, and started to get bored, and then, fortunately, it was over.  I guess the film is supposed to be a tribute to "true love" -- the ideal idea of "soul-mates that cannot be denied.".  It shows some of the realistic pitfalls to long distance affairs.   Anyway, I especially appreciated Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhend who play "Anna's" lovely British parents.  It was wonderful for a change to see parents portrayed as nice people!

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