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Thursday, December 15, 2011


The old Muppet theater in Hollywood is in ruins, and the apathetic Tour Guide, AlanArkin, grudgingly shows visitors around .  However, "Gary" -
played by Jason Segel - who also shares writing credits; and Amy Adams, perfectly cast as his fiancee, "Mary" (as usual the quintessential sweet young thing),  visiting from Smalltown USA accompanied by "Gary's" brother "Walter"(yes, they have grown up together, and seemingly never noticed until now that "Walter" is really not a person!) decide to try and find where the Muppets are these days. "Miss Piggy" has become a fashion editor at Vogue (of course!), but the others have fallen upon much harder times.  Even "Kermit" (our  hero) needs some rescueing.  But with the help and encouragement of the three visitors, "Kermit" decides to round them all up. He finds the downtrodden old gang and nearly utters those immortal words ( with due respect to Mickey Rooney's classic line, "Hey kids, let's put on a show.")  There are at least 10 cameo appearances of famous faces you will recognize, along with roles by Jack Black and Chris Cooper who are important to the plot.  Yes, there is a plot, more than I've included here (mainly the need to raise a lot of money to save the old theater) along with singing and dancing --  I have to say, I found, the group dancing in Smalltown, near the beginning of the show really annoying, but overall, bottom line,  I had fun.    (Note: I saw it on Dec. 7th, over a week ago.)

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