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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


"Arik"is the teenage protagonist in this cleverly plotted drama that takes place in Haifa in 1968,  "Arik" reads a lot of detective novels, and because of a prank that he and his friends play on the title character, "The Matchmaker,"  the latter hires him  (appreciating the kid's gift for 'story-telling" i.e. lying!) to be his "spy" to investigate, and authenticate (or not)  potential mates the Matchmaker is planning to recommend to his clients.  He tells the clients he will find, not the one they want, but the one they "need" (should have)!  He mentors "Arik" about life and relationships.  In Hebrew with English sub-titles, and a wonderful cast, directed by Avi Nesher who also wrote the screenplay, this is a heart-centered film that I thoroughly enjoyed. There are many aspects to the story, including dwarves (victims, it is suggested, of the the Holocaust experiments by the infamous Dr. Mendele); unrequited love; betrayal; the value of reading lots of detective novels; and youthful romance. (Oh, and I found it interesting that in Israel in 1968 gambling (playing cards for money) was illegal.)

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