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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Apparently the current movie going generation (read "demographic"), known as the "millennium" generation ( according to an article I read), don't like "old" movies (those released more than five years ago), because they are too slow moving.  Goodby interesting character and plot development, hello 4D.  Good Grief!   Anyway,  FYI, I suffered through the verbal battles between two sisters, played by Mira Sorvino - obviously totally neurotic -- and Tammy Blanchard who screamed (really loud) at each other practically the whole time.  Directed (GOK what she had in mind ) by Nancy Sovaca. Congratulations to the actors, who were splendid at their craft.  There is a kind of a plot, the story of the family that they belong to, that is revealed, but jeeze-louise, it was painful to sit through. Was this supposed to be a comedy?   I did like the nice cute  dog that was in the film. I'm really not always so grouchy, or maybe I am.....

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