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Sunday, July 8, 2012


1)  "BRAVE" had pros and cons:  Excellent animation (endowing nonhuman characters with palpable feelings & emotions)  Other than the beautiful Queen (mother) and the courageous if foolhardy daughter, the Brave Princess, all other characters were quite ugly.  I grant you there's a story, but it was way over the top in violence, and the Previews gave no hint or indication of the awful fighting that made up most of the film.  Not recommended.  2) "MAGIC  of BELLE ISLE" is pleasantly predictable, but, so what? I love Morgan Freeman, (doesn't everyone? ) who is always marvelous.  (He plays a wheelchair bound writer, who has become a drunk, and isn't currently writing, and the movie revolves around his influence on people on Belle Island. I enjoyed it.  Virginia Madsen was excellent as the divorcee with three little girls. They live next door to him. Of course, they have an influence on him.  The little girls were perfectly cast.  Dialogue interesting and plausible all around.  Directed by Rob Reiner. Good mild Family Film. (And there's a dog, too.)
3) "NEVER STAND STILL" is a documentary featuring interesting interviews with many well known dance companies and famous teachers, focusing on the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, and what a unique place and training ground that has become.  Dance is a whole world of its own.  Although I'm not part of that world,  I have always loved to watch dance, so this was OK, but  I would have liked longer sequences of dance, instead of so many snippets of performances.  Probably will be a big hit with professional dancers who see it.

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